Texting via Email - Quick Tech Tip

January 14, 2017


So many of us now use texting but if you are at all like me, you can't stand it.  Not because it isn't a great service, but for me trying to type on a mobile phone can be likened to trying to fit a square into a circle.  I can't tell you how many times I have sent off a text and realized that almost every word was misspelled or even what I was saying came out wrong.


So what can you do?  Well one option is to use Voice to Text which I have found works about 80% of the time.  It isn't perfect but it helps.


However, if you are sitting in front of your computer, and many of us spend a great deal of time in front of the screen at the office, you can compose an email and have it go directly to the recipients phone number!  Maybe this isn't news to you, but to me I have found this to be a great service.  So how do you do it?  It is simple and doesn't require any special programs or extra cost. 


To send an email as a text to a mobile device.


Open your Email Program and in the TO line, instead of using the persons email address, you use their phone number followed by the carrier.


For example:  123-456-7890@vtext.com  (Verizon)


Below is a list of all the carriers that you add after the phone number.  If you don't know the persons carrier, not an issue, you can look it up by entering their phone number at this website:  http://freecarrierlookup.com/


List of Carrier extensions: (Difference between SMS and MMS explained:  SMS is for just text.  MMS allows you to add pictures, different fonts, etc.)



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