Whats With The Name "Social Explorations?"

October 10, 2016


I figured it may be time to answer the question, what is the deal with the name Social Explorations?  I have heard from a few (ok, maybe a lot) that they thought my business must be a Dating Site or some type of a Social Network.  Well obviously it isn't a dating site or a social networking site, but I sure do enjoy the thought that the name has stirred the imaginations of some.  :)


The name Social Explorations came from a late night of studying Sociology back in 2008.  At the time I was enrolled in college and was studying Sociology and had hopes of being a full fledged Sociology professor at a University.


During this time I purchased the domain of SocialExplorations.org (now .com) because of research that I was working on with how people or groups (Social) work with technology (Exploring).  


After a six year hiatus of working on computers for a living, I received a phone call out of the blue from a friend who needed help with their business network. They were in a jam and I figured that helping them out wouldn't be so bad.  At the end, I had to send them an invoice and the only name for a business I had was Social Explorations, so the invoice went out.


So that is why the crazy (not a dating website) name of Social Explorations came to be.  I have thought about changing the name before, but I am branded with it and I like it.  :)  At least it provides some good conversations for people trying to figure out what the heck we do.  


Happy Computing...







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