Blogging, What a Tool!

September 22, 2016

Who doesn't love a great blog!  For many, the idea of a blog may be just for personal use and they are mainly a public platform for one to complain about all that is wrong in the world.  Blogs are so much more.  They can be an incredible tool for your business.  Think of them as a a newsletter, a source for your customers to keep engaged and informed about your business.  Both of these are important.  It is one thing to send out constant information.  It is another to keep your audience engaged.  I am going to visit your blog because I enjoy reading what you have to say.  It is a fine balancing act.
The part where a blog becomes a tool for your business is in the way you turn those readers into website visitors and then customers.  It is an invaluable way to market yourself without users ever knowing.  a Subtle way to say, "this is why you need me".  Seize this opportunity to take advantage of one of the easiest and most effective platforms of online marketing.  According to HubSpot,
"Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website."
With these kind of proven results, how can you afford to pass up free growth for your business? 
Now all of this information is just wonderful, but who has the time?  As your business increases, your free time decreases.  Convenient how that works out isn't it?  Social Explorations works for their clients to create a custom experience that promotes you and your business just as it deserves to be.  You may think investing in online marketing may not be worth it or it's not the right time.  And while I can completely appreciate these reasons, who else is going to take action to invest in your future?  You are your business's biggest advocate, so you have to be the one to value your company enough to invest in it's growth. 
Social Explorations offers blog packages to set you up with a beautiful blog and train you.  Social Explorations also offers hands off content in where we take care of keeping your blog updated with the most relevant content to your business.
Drop us a line or give us a call and let us show you how we can help your business grow.
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