Summer/Fall 2016 Tech in the News Roundup

September 2, 2016


After a long beautiful summer, it's time to get back to the latest tech news and trends.  Below is a summary of the latest news with links.  Enjoy.


Samsung's Galaxy 7 goes boom:  The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales have been stopped until a fix can be found.  The issue:  Battery Explosion.  Gives a whole new meaning to a custom ring tone.  Full article here:


Microsoft Finds New Ways To Monetize:  PC Sales are down again this year.  Consumers and businesses are holding onto older machines versus replacing at higher than seen before rate.  While this is a  indicator that PC Hardware may have finally found a plateau, revenue that is created for Microsoft from every new PC sale is down and Microsoft has noticed.  To compensate, the industry hunch is pointing to Software as a Service or pay to play apps.  Meaning that Microsoft is looking at charging for additional features, games, etc.  A very similar model to Microsoft's Office 365 platform that charges a yearly subscription fee versus just buying the software outright.  More here:


Apple back in the news:  Last week a security flaw was announced for IPhones and this week it was discovered that MAC computers have the save flaw. Not to worry, a patch is available.  Read more here:


Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) is not so happy:  Facebook's 200 Million dollar satellite was supposed to reach the cosmos via a SpaceX rocket.  Unfortunately the rocket blew up while in testing and destroyed the satellite.  The good news, nobody got hurt.  It begs the question though, what and why is Facebook launching it's own satellite (queue: Darth Vader Theme Song now) ?  Read more here:


The Drones Are Coming:  It seems that almost everyday there is some new news about flying drones, from: Amazon developing a delivery system, Geological Surveying, and now cheating lovers.  The latest fad for this technology is to track down your cheating partner.  Read More Here:


Security in the news:  The worst part of my job as an IT consultant is removing spyware, viruses, hoaxes and other very lame software/apps/code.  I would much rather put my resources and my client's resources towards building something great, but alas, security is not only relevant but one of the fastest growth sectors of IT.  So what is new?  Ransomware is dominating the landscape and hopefully you have never dealt with it.  If you have then you all to well know that your data is useless until you pay up and that doesn't always work.  Credit card theft is still making news as well, even with those annoying and very slow to process chip readers haven't helped.  Big tech companies that are supposed to be unhackable are still hacakable as the latest Dropbox hack reveals that 68 million usernames and passwords were stolen.  ugh!  For more, follow these articles.

Dropbox Breach:


Credit Card Theft at Kimpton Hotels:


That rounds it up for this week.  Hope you are enjoying the last days of this incredible summer. 


Safe Computing... Noah


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