Unbiased Review of Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security

January 8, 2015


TREND Micro Worry-Free Business Security Review.  For the past 10 months I have been testing and using Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security on my own personal network as well three of my clients networks. 


For many years, unless the network warranted it, I would use other Free Antivirus products from well-known companies.  I started to run into issues within the last year that many of the free programs are now loading "Bloatware"  or are constantly advertising for the paid version. I can't blame them for trying to sell their product but I was running into considerable issues with my clients calling me up and saying they had followed the prompts only to find out that they either: 1) Were clicking on a piece of Malware that was mimicking a well-known piece of software or 2) Were not properly installing or did not understand that there was an upcharge. 


I came to the conclusion that the days of free antivirus software may be over. 


I was initially attracted to try Trend Micro because of their new "Worry Free Service" which offers a web interface for administrators to deploy, scan and control their network computers via the cloud.  The interface is extremely easy to use and allows for me at a glance to see who has the latest virus definitions installed, if there was an infection or even an outbreak.  There are a myriad of policies that you can put in place if you choose to, such as:  Restrictions to certain types of websites, reputation of website, adult/gaming/etc.  You can completely block sites or you can set access restrictions based on time of day or even specific days. 


Being able to completely administer your entire network using the cloud, versus having administration software that you have to load onto your own server was a huge plus for me.  For one, it didn't require any additional load on my server and I could manage the administration panel from a standard web browser on any pc.


The software is sold as a "per seat" or per user license with license options starting at 2 users and up.  Additional licenses can be purchased at any time and the licenses expire or renew every 12 months. 


I found that the client side of the software does not cause a huge load on the workstation and the overall PC speed was the same as before loading the software.


Client software is automated and does not require the user to be involved.  Virus warnings or bad websites, etc. are all saved in log files that can be accessed via the administration panel in the cloud and SMS text messages and email alerts can be sent to administrators.


Trend Micro offers a 30 day free trial. Their pricing is very competitive.  For more information visit them here.


Issues or Problems Experienced:

The first issue that I experienced with using the Worry Free platform was in regards to a Windows SBS 2012 Server.  In short, do not use the HOSTED Worry Free Cloud platform for this operating system, instead use the standalone version.  The Hosted version caused issues with Remote Desktop and also the Graphical User Interface of the User Interface.  This issue was promptly handled along with the solution by Trend Micro's support team via a remote connection. The technician was excellent and explained what the issue was and why it was happening.   My only negative complaint with their tech department (have had to call three times for various issues) is that there is somewhat of a language barrier as it appears that their support is provided outside of the US.  This was not a huge obstacle and did not reflect upon their ability but was a bit challenging at times trying to explain the situation. Again, all of the issues that I have had, have been resolved by their support in a professional manner and I have been connected to support with little to no wait time.


I know there many good products out there, but this just happens to be the product that I chose to test and review.  Hope this helps.


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